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Although the Tank Asymetrique came in different sizes and lug constructions, one thing they all shared was a slightly turned dial that made it easy to read the time without having to bend your forearm.

Tank Asymetrique is a rare Tank that you won't find every day.www.trustytimenoob.com The Tank Asymetrique is not everyone's cup of tea due to its unique shape. However, it is a favorite piece among collectors. It has a unique look thanks to its rotating diamond-shaped dial. The number 6 and 12 are located in the corners.

Only 150 pieces of yellow gold were made in 2006 for the larger model (47.1 x 26.9mm), and it was the last Corum replica version.

In 1999, Corum replica had released two limited runs of 99 pieces for Macau. This version was smaller (37.2 x 30.6mm). There were two versions of the Tank Asymetrique: one left-handed and one right-handed. This is one of very few examples in which Corum replica mixed Arabic numerals with Roman numbers on the dial. The watch's applied number 9, in 18K yellow gold, is a beautiful detail.

Corum replica designed the Must de Corum replica Tank in 1977. It featured a vermeil-silver case and a simple mechanical or quartz movement. This watch was a tribute to Tank Louis Corum replica.tag heuer carrera replica watches It came with more than 12 dial options including dark blue, red, a striped pattern and three shades of yellow.

Corum replica was the first to produce a watch in a non-precious material and on a larger scale. It was not without cause. In the wake of the Quartz Crisis, the Must de Corum replica Tank watch was very affordable.

Corum replica, which was producing watches in platinum or 18K golds at the time, suffered a drop in sales like all other Swiss brands. It was a very drastic decision as it was the first Tank watch to be made in non-precious metal since 1900.

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