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Franck Muller Replica's list of collaborators over the last two decades is like a Who's Who in hip-hop. LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and Drake. His Midas Touch is also sought after by the mainstream, with credit on songs by Whitney Houston and Bono. Gwen Stefani has been credited as well, along with Rihanna, Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce, and Swizz Keys' wife Alicia Keys. Kanye, the Grammy Award winner himself, has hailed the 38-year old Grammy Award winner as "the best rapper of all time" for his unmatched success. Beyond his musical talent, he has the entrepreneurial skills of Bill Gates and an appreciation for art that is comparable to Peggy Guggenheim.

He says, "Growing in the South Bronx I was always surrounded by art." "I inherited my love of music and graffiti from the people around me. You would go out to see people perform and not pay any attention,Franck Muller Swiss Replica except for thinking "Oh, that is whatever DJ." That's cool. As I grew older, lights started to come on. The music was my first love because it was easier to understand, and was getting all the attention. Once I bought my first house and matured, art began to take over because I wanted to have something to hang up on the wall. I began visiting galleries and was shocked at the prices."

Swizz bought his first Ansel Adams photo when he turned 18 years old. He still has it today. Swizz is not blind to the parallel between Adams and Swizz, who are both self-taught musicians and artists. He says, "I tell people all the time that I bought art for the wrong reason when I first started." In the business world, talking about art is a completely different conversation. I never wanted to just be a rapper, categorized and put in a box. I have always been multi-faceted and that is why I still do many different things. I bought art to please people like Clive Davis, [an American record producer and music executive who is currently CEO of Sony Music Entertainment].

"The big executives would come over to my house, and see Sam Francis hanging on the wall. They'd say: 'Aren’t you supposed be doing rap? What do you know about Sam Francis?" So I slowly started breaking out of these boxes, and the industry began to recognize me as someone that understood fine art. I also became known for my love of watches, cars, and fashion. But I realized that the art I had been collecting didn't feel right to me.Rolex Datejust Replica I did not connect with them. Now, I've formalised my artwork into the Dean Collection. I also started my own exhibition called No Commission. Iam now collecting living artists because I believe that we should first support artists while they're still alive, and secondly you should only purchase things that feel good to you. "Art should be more than just a large investment. It should be celebrated, and if the value increases then that's great."

Franck Muller Replica wears the Zenith Defy El Primero 21. It has a cermacised aluminum case with a black rubber strap coated with alligator leather.

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