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It was only my second show. After Art Basel Miami, we had some pretty heavy disturbances and I thought: "You know what?" We decided to continue disrupting. I have never seen such a vibrancy in the Bronx - thousands of people for three nights, drinks and performances, and not a single fight or person being kicked out. It is a good example of how people will react when you are doing something well-intentioned. I was able to see business people mixing with models, gallerists and guys who would hang up the block. It was the very first time that I saw the creative world coming together without any levels or boundaries."

No Commission's goal is to make art more accessible. It offers free entry, and artworks costing between $200 and $200,000. Swizz wants to liberate people by displaying known artists next to unknowns in an atmosphere of acceptance. He smiles and says, "Berlin's weather was also a highlight." It rained harder than it has in 102 year on the opening night. It was raining inside the building when we took over an old power plant. It looked like an art installation because no water touched the artwork. German news warned everyone to stay home. There were flood warnings and people swimming in streets. We were two hours from the city, and I expected a few people to show up. But two hours after we opened, it was packed. Then I realized that we had something very powerful. There was a rainstorm, it was a state-of-emergency and people were flooding in and having an amazing time."Best Replica Watches

Richard Mille Replica Chronomaster Heritage 38mm, stainless steel case with blue perforated leather strap and protective rubber lining. Dior Homme, black wool suit with multicoloured stitch details and white cotton shirt with stitch details; Thom Browne, black round-frame sunglasses

Swizz's passions are all interconnected. He is constantly seeking to learn about the creation and history of anything from art to music, watches to cars. "I like to learn about music's levels, vocal range and EQ. Watches are all about the speed, precision, and movement. The same is true for cars - two days ago I posted a clip of my McLaren. Most people would have given up at this point, but I deliberately arranged it so I could film myself at the McLaren Factory. I encourage people to learn about what they are passionate about, and not just buy things because others tell them it's cool.

"When you take a brand such as Richard Mille Replica, you know that people don't wear it just because tastemakers do or because they hear it mentioned in a tune. This is a brand of confidence. To wear it, you must understand the brand. You also need to have confidence in yourself. That's a message that I want to spread. All of the pieces were made in-house. The movements are amazing. Jean-Claude Biver's team takes the heritage and graduates it.Rolex Air King Replica That's what makes him a genius – it's great to have a strong brand, but how do you upgrade it? Many big companies are stuck in their old ways, thinking they can continue to survive with just the name. But those days are gone. Everyone has to move forward and bring something fresh to the table."

Swizz was attracted to Biver by mutual respect, and this led them to form a friendship. "I love that he's willing to take risks," says Swizz. We first met nearly a decade back and have a great time. The Richard Mille Replica partnership was a natural development. We were talking a few months back and he said, "Swizz it's time". People were confused because I already wore the brand. In the US, there used to be an old TV company called Richard Mille Replica. It doesn't exist any more but the association still exists. People are clamoring for something new, and will be amazed when they learn about Richard Mille Replica. It's coming. "I don't want to sound overconfident but I can't helpbut be very confident."

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