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Swizz No Commission was born from his experience with other shows. No gallerists are involved. The artists represent themselves, and they keep 100% of the sales. He says that attending shows was an excellent education. "I exhibited my collection but nothing was for sale. It was a great opportunity to get inside the inner workings and see many mistakes.Best Replica Watches Artists were selling out shows, but could not find a hotel or ride home. I was looking after so many artists personally, and thought: "Wait a minute." You just sold PS500,000 worth of art. What do you mean that you can't afford to fly home? No strings attached. No business. No business.

No Commission shows are different from the traditional art fairs. Swizz, one of the biggest recording artists in the world, is helping to attract "some pretty decent performers" by promoting the show around the area where it is located. Swizz says: "Music is the sister of art. When it comes to art, however, they should always be together. "I have them running parallel."

No Commission, which has already been shown in Miami, Shanghai and London,Patek Philippe Replica as well as the Bronx and Bronx, generated more than a million impressions and almost $4million for artists. Swizz has no intention of slowing down and says that his game-changing show will cover the globe after three more editions.

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He says, "The show we did in the Bronx showed us what we were capable of." People were against the Bronx location, saying that we should have done it in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Doubters doubted whether anyone would visit the Bronx. It was for South Bronx as it is, and not cleaned at all. It was important that I did it in the Bronx - it was a tribute to my roots, the art, music, and fashion which are the influences behind what people do today. I had decided to not establish No Commission anywhere else in the world until the Bronx.

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